What happens to the e-waste collected by RLG India?

All collected end-of-life e-waste is sent to contracted, trained, and licensed e-waste treatment centers in India that meet stringent standards, including health, safety, and environmental aspects. In addition, we make sure that the entire products, including all components and accessories, are safely dismantled, materials sorted by type, and sent to further treatment in dedicated end treatment facilities.

Is the recycler based in India or will you export for treatment?

All products will be dismantled and recycled locally. Output materials will only be exported for treatment when there is no regional solution for recycling available.

Who are the recyclers you are using in India?

We have onboarded SPCB authorized/certified recyclers after pre-emptive checks and audits. Competent and onboarded partners undergo rigorous periodic training conducted by our Operations, Risk Management teams. The recycling facilities are located across 11 Indian States/UT as of 31st August 2021.

What standard is your recycler working to?

Our recyclers are government & ISO 14001 certified and have been audited by RLG. RLG's audit protocol is based on state-of-the-art industry standards and built on experiences from many countries, including Germany and the United States of America.

Where can consumers drop their products?

We have established and contracted collection centers in 23 States and 04 UTs in India; we at RLG are aligned to consistently extend our network.

What about personal data stored on any end-of-life equipment?

We ask customers to completely remove any data from their equipment before handing them over. However, we assure you that no data reading or copying happens during the equipment's pick-up and/or dismantling.

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