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Circularity Scotland selects RLG, a Reconomy Group company as preferred bidder, to set up an IT infrastructure for a DRS in Scotland

February 23, 2022

Circularity Scotland Limited, the Scheme Administrator for Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme has selected Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) as the preferred implementation partner to deliver a state-of-the-art and future-proof IT solution to manage the deposit return scheme (DRS) in Scotland. While the formal agreements are being put in place, the implementation work has already started on what will be the most comprehensive system of its kind.

Due to RLG’s forward-thinking approach and its long history of operating DRS and EPR systems globally, the ambition is for Scotland to leverage this expertise and adopt the most efficient scheme in the world. Over the years, RLG has proven its ability to quickly and efficiently implement and deploy complex system rollouts in various countries globally, including India and Canada.

Scotland will launch the Deposit Return Scheme on 16th August 2023. It will be the first scheme in the UK to launch.

“I believe that both the expertise and the technology we can bring to this project will support Scotland in developing a successful deposit return scheme that will help the country achieve its sustainability goals,” said Patrick Wiedemann, the CEO of RLG. “For more than 25 years, we have partnered with all stakeholders within the reverse logistics value chain, driving innovations and operating sophisticated deposit return schemes. Now with the backing of the Reconomy Group and having developed a technology that allows DRS operators to reduce costs and raise the beverage containers return rates, we believe that Scotland will benefit significantly” he added.

As more and more countries across Europe and beyond are keen on adopting solutions supporting their circular economy goals, especially with the European Union’s Single-Use Plastics directive in force, operators are looking for an upgrade of traditional deposit return schemes. As the DRS system will be operating for decades, the IT system design shall support the future requirements right from the beginning.

Paul Cox, Reconomy Group CEO, said: “This is a fantastic example of the impact the Reconomy Group can make to global and local sustainability. Using the considerable expertise of RLG and the service capabilities across all of our divisions, this project will directly contribute to our Reconomy Group purpose of creating a truly sustainable world through conserving finite resources”

For more information on DRS, please click here.

Circularity Scotland Limited is the Scheme Administrator of Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme.   

It is a commercial organisation run on a not-for-profit basis. It will be handling the implementation and operation of Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme in a sustainable and efficient manner, with a professional team, world-class logistics, and IT partners, and deploying leading-edge technology.  

It was successfully appointed as a  Scheme Administrator by the Scottish Government in 2021 which has tasked it to ensure the scheme is rolled out successfully and operates efficiently in line with the ultimate goal to recover 90% of Scotland’s single-use drinks containers. 

The scheme was set up with a simple mission - to make Scotland a cleaner, greener place.  

Reverse Logistics Group is a tech-enabled and asset-light organization with a highly scalable platform connecting all stakeholders within the reverse logistics value chain. RLG addresses global challenges in product and material returns through technology to generate value from product returns and ensure regulatory compliance on a worldwide scale. We partner with manufacturers, retailers, and government organizations to provide new levels of business intelligence, resource efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

RLG is part of the Reconomy Group, a leading, tech-led provider of circular economy-focused services, with the purpose of creating a truly sustainable world through conserving finite resources. Supporting businesses around the world to improve their ESG outcomes, the Reconomy Group delivers services through three main verticals - Recycle, Comply and Reuse. Find more about us here.

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