Redefining recycling for industrial and automotive batteries

We establish networks with certified partners for properly transporting, storing, and recycling end-of-life (EOL) industrial and automotive batteries, creating an end-to-end return process. Our battery take-back containers safely handle end-of-life, defective, and critical batteries. Our process secures valuable materials for reuse, reducing costs and minimizing the need for raw resources.

Importance of proper battery management

Lead-acid and lithium-ion industrial and automotive batteries are valuable for recycling but potentially hazardous with improper storage, transport, or recycling systems. The safety risk applies not only to on-site personnel but to the environment as well. EOL, damaged, or critical battery units can increase your disposal, insurance, and maintenance costs as a result.

What is our approach?

What are the benefits?

Realization of cost savings

Digitized flow management

Quality assurance due to audited partners

Highest possible value retention of materials

Fulfillment of your obligations

Increased on-site and transport safety

Take recycling to the next level

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