What is Circular Take-Back?

Certain products and materials are time-consuming, costly and complex to recycle. We support businesses to overcome these challenges, safely recycle items and handle waste with our unique take-back services. To close recycling loops, we develop, execute and oversee bespoke solutions using our ‘4PL’ approach which combines operations and IT. This method helps businesses across various industries comply and solve any complex environmental issues.

Why is Circular Take-Back needed?

  • All businesses are now under pressure to showcase their eco-friendly credentials
  • Recycling the varied range of materials we use is a huge challenge
  • Organizations often aren’t equipped with the skills to meet their goals and safely handle all waste

Who are the stakeholders?

What are the benefits?

What is our approach?

We get stuck in, handling your business waste and finding inventive solutions to solve any complex recycling challenges.

As our take-back solutions are bespoke, this list is not exhaustive. Other services include extra customer consulting, auditing your suppliers and providing you with specialist containers or organising rental.

How we can help you:

Let’s go beyond compliance

We believe organizations should do more than respond to legislation and meet minimum requirements. By proactively preparing for future obligations and minimizing their footprint, businesses can ensure readiness for the future and position themselves as sustainability leaders.
As global awareness of the climate crisis grows, businesses that show dedication to sustainability can drive positive change and enhance their appeal to customers and partners. At RLG, we’re prepared to assist you in developing tailored recycling systems or take-back solutions to support your sustainability goals.

Ready to implement Circular Take-Back solutions?

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