The Data Insight Platform

The Data Insight Platform is a premier data management tool built to provide EPR-readiness and ESG goal benchmarking. It transforms raw, shapeless data into finely honed, actionable intelligence.

High-level “bird’s‑eye views” of material flows provide insight into the supply chain, while granular explorations allow customers to mine data for opportunities to innovate, streamline, and improve.

What is the Data Insight Platform?

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EPR Forecast
We know that costs under EPR are due to rise:

The Data Insight platform helps you prepare – we are able to forecast EPR costs, broken down by category, supplier and packaging component, to enable you to identify potential high-risk products under EPR.

The Obligation sheet shows how different products – and suppliers –

affect your state or province specific packaging obligation, and provides a SKU-level breakdown of your yearly costs.

An infographic with three sections. Top left: a table titled "What are your packaging data splits and costs by province or state?" with columns for Canada, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, showing total volume, tonnage, obligated tonnage, and compliance cost. Top right: a box titled "Which are your top 10 products by cost" listing products, compliance costs, and total volume. Bottom: two horizontal bar graphs, one titled "Who are your top 10 suppliers by packaging cost" and the other titled "Which are your top 10 products by cost," showing different suppliers and products with a scale up to 2500 for the suppliers and various compliance costs for the products. The logo of the company, a green hexagon with a white cube inside, is placed between the top sections.
Sustainability Targets
Need a quick tool to help you monitor progress toward sustainability targets?

Our dedicated sheet tells you all you need to know.

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