Committed to a greener future

Fostering a circular economy to advance people and the planet is central to our business. We actively support our clients – on a global scale – helping them ensure compliance and become more sustainable.   

By openly acknowledging how our own operations affect the environment and society, we transparently measure and transform that impact into a positive force.  

Why focus on sustainability?

Our planet is facing a climate emergency. This poses a threat to all species, including humanity. We need to take urgent action – transitioning to sustainable practices.  

Our services are designed to help your business make powerful changes that minimize your environmental impact and enhance sustainability. This aligns with global efforts and brings huge advantages to your business. 

Understanding your business’s environmental footprint is an important part of the process. It allows you to establish personalized carbon reduction goals, commit to net zero and ensure your organization and supply chain is future-ready. 

Consumers are more conscious than ever about the environmental consequences of their product choices. Being a net zero business becomes a crucial differentiator. Those that lead the charge are more likely to achieve success in the future.

When making decisions, investors closely examine environmental policies, sustainability criteria and carbon reduction plans. Adopting these measures and hitting targets enhances the appeal of your business to potential investors. 

Governments worldwide are intensifying their efforts on climate change. This means the regulatory landscape is constantly evolving. By setting science-based targets and commitments, your organization becomes resilient and future-proofed against emerging requirements.

Our approach

At RLG, we are committed to promoting sustainability in our products, operations, and throughout our supply chain. We are certified to ISO 14001 for our environmental management system and annually measure emissions according to ISO 14064.


We are convinced that we can only grow when all our stakeholders share the commitment to ensuring ethical business practices, upholding human rights and fair working conditions, and working towards achieving sustainability. In this line, our commitments and expectations from our supplier network are formalized in the RLG Supplier Policy Charter. Thank you to all our partners for your cooperation; we look forward to continuing working together and positively impacting our shared journey.

Sustainable Development Goals

We have aligned our sustainability strategy with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure that we address today’s most significant challenges and opportunities, as prioritized by stakeholders.

Our progress

We’re committed to creating a sustainable future for generations to come. We don’t want to simply change how we do business, but how the industries we we’re working with do business too.

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Need sustainability support? Get in touch!

It’s defined by the United Nations as: “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. In business, it means maintaining success while actively contributing to the improvement of environmental and social well-being. 

Our team of environmental consultants are ready to assist your business in realizing sustainability goals. By doing that, we aim to prepare your business for the future and enhance its appeal to customers, investors and employees.  

Corporate sustainability is built upon three key pillars:  


This covers strategies to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, adopting renewable energy sources and fostering efficient chemical and waste management. The goal is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint throughout the entire value chain. 


This centres on strategies that enhance the health, safety and overall wellbeing of people (employees, customers and communities). This involves actively supporting communities, ensuring employee welfare and giving customers essential product safety information. We want to foster a positive impact on society by safeguarding access to fundamental resources and prioritizing the collective wellbeing of all stakeholders..    


This focuses on making sure businesses thrive whilst having a lasting positive impact. We aim to drive business growth through circular economy solutions and resource maximization initiatives. Examples include cost reduction through minimizing the use of plastics in packaging and creating eco-friendly job opportunities.  

See our performance

The SDGs are 17 goals, embraced by the United Nations in 2015. They represent a worldwide appeal for collective efforts to eradicate poverty, safeguard the environment and guarantee universal peace and prosperity by 2030.  

They are interconnected, acknowledging how various sectors are interdependent (relying on each other). This emphasizes the need for development that harmonizes social, economic and environmental sustainability.  

At RLG, we’ve aligned our corporate sustainability strategy to three key SDGs. All our products and services are designed to help clients and partners make progress in these areas:  

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities 
  • Responsible Consumption and Production 
  • Climate Action 

By improving overall resource efficiency. This means maintaining the same level of productivity while consuming fewer resources. It includes things like optimizing existing resources, moving away from fossil-based energy and fuels, eliminating unnecessary waste and removing redundant packaging. 

Our team of skilled sustainability consultants can guide your business through a step-by-step process to effectively reduce carbon emissions. 


A service that gives businesses the knowledge they need to minimize their carbon footprint as well as environmental and societal impact. At RLG, we offer: 

  • Access to quality data (specifically related to the impact of products and packaging).  
  • Expertise in gathering data from supply chains.  
  • Insights on sustainable practices, regulations and key issues. 
  • A committed team of experts to support your business. 
  • Continuous or project-specific support. 

An EMS is a comprehensive framework that incorporates policies, procedures and processes. These are all aimed at training personnel, overseeing, summarizing and communicating specialized environmental performance information both internally and externally.  

At RLG, our dedication to advancing sustainability is clear across our products, operations and supply chain. We hold certification to ISO 14001 for our Environmental Management System and have achieved the Carbon Reduce certification by measuring our greenhouse gas emissions in line with ISO 14064 Part 1: 2018. 

Achieve your goals

RLG thrives on empowering businesses to understand their environmental impact and reach sustainability milestones. We offer expert guidance – leveraging extensive, reliable data, unparalleled expertise and sharp, analytical insight. As a trusted partner, we’re poised to provide tailored solutions that align with your needs. The focus is on helping your business formulate cutting-edge, data-driven strategies to meet and exceed your objectives while influencing crucial business decisions. 

 What sets us apart is our extensive portfolio of services covering the entire sustainability spectrum. We start by helping you become 100% compliant, before crafting solutions that allow you to create truly circular material streams.