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February 22, 2023

RLG Canada has registered as a batteries Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in Ontario with the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority. As a global provider, RLG offers expert compliance solutions to satisfy battery recycling services in compliance with Ontario requirements.

Service Quality Assurance
RLG’s services operate on quality and integrity. We work directly with RPRA registered recyclers and execute additional due diligence audits during recycler onboarding and annually thereafter. Our collection network is regularly assessed to meet all regulatory requirements. To further offer peace of mind to Producers, RLG Canada will be pursuing ISO9001 with the intention to qualify by 2024.

RLG Global
RLG’s batteries PRO in Germany, REBAT, managed 18,000 tonnes of portable consumer batteries through 50,000 collection points in 2022. RLG also operates battery compliance services in other European countries and in India.
In America, we operate manufacturer and group electronics recycling plans in more than 20 states and our South American team works in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

RLG Canada Core Service Areas
RLG Canada provides Producers custom solutions for extended Producer responsibility compliance across all provinces and product categories. Our team of experts monitor legislation, assist with program registration, reporting and invoice processing, and assess Producer requirements.

As a batteries and electronics PRO in Ontario, RLG operates efficient take-back programs. We coordinate with accredited and fully audited recyclers, provide safe containers and will be supporting program operations with modern order management and traceability systems.

RLG Canada, based in Toronto, is the Operator of the Common Collection System (CCS) for the Blue Box Program in Ontario, awarded through a contract by Circular Material (CM). As Operator, we will drive competitive procurement for residential collection services and transfer station facilities, manage contracts for compliance, audit materials and performance and provide a materials traceability system.

RLG Scope of Service

  • Audit and manage recycler networks to guarantee downstream vendors ensure all material is processed in a cost-efficient and sustainable manner.
  • Public education materials required of Producers and promotion of collection network events for consumers via social media and other outlets.
  • Retrieval, preparation and submittal of registration and reporting documents (as permitted) to RPRA. Communication with RPRA as required.
  • Payment facilitation of registration and supply data submittal fees.
  • PRO performance management audits and submittal of resulting reports required by RPRA.
  • Ongoing consulting services to Producers regarding regulation implementation, RPRA consultations and changes and legislation updates.

What Makes RLG Different

  1. Strong Representation. We offer representation for Producers in the development of recycling collection systems and operations.
  2. One-on-One Customer Service: meaningful Producer engagement and regular updates.
  3. Secure Data: Secure data management for supply and recycling performance reporting.
  4. Achieving Targets: Commitment to achieving management targets for all material categories.
  5. Cost Efficiency: Savings through competitive procurement of collection and processing services.
  6. Fair Allocation: A system based on fair cost allocation among participating Producers.

Advantages to Choose RLG as PRO

  • An established ten+ year record of meeting regulatory targets across North America
  • An alternative to outdated services previously offered in Ontario
  • Competitive pricing for Producers
  • Local, experienced compliance and operations staff based in Canada and the U.S.
  • Collaborative and flexible in nature
  • Ability to meet customer needs on customer terms
  • Customer supply data management, reporting, and registration submittal services
  • Rigorous and transparent environmental auditing standards
  • Material sourcing and downstream flow transparency
  • Tracking recycled mass flow and costs across multiple jurisdictions
  • Dedicated RLG key account manager

More information about RLG Canada’s solutions is available on Reverse Logistics Group. We believe transparency is key to success and provide consultation sessions with Producers to answer any questions. RLG’s Business Development and Compliance Services Manager, Andrea Chmielinski, is available at andrea.chmielinski@rev-log.com or 647-501-8519, for a one-to-one meeting at your convenience.

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