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RLG Takes Over Workshop Disposal for the Volkswagen OTLG GmbH

February 28, 2023

  • RLG takes over the preparation and implementation of the entire disposal concept
  • Personal support and service offering are the decisive plus points
  • Digitalization is the engine for circular economy and sustainability

Aschheim/ Munich February 28, 2023 - RLG (Reverse Logistics Group), a Reconomy Group company, will take over the workshop disposal for Volkswagen Original Teile Logistik GmbH & Co. KG (OTLG) in Germany on March 1st. In the future, all residual, valuable, and hazardous materials generated in the OTLG service partners' nearly 3,000 workshops will be collected by RLG's broad and certified service provider network and fed into safe and efficient recycling processes.

The entire disposal process, from collection to recycling and the legally required documentation, will be digitally mapped and centrally organized via the CCR Net (order management and reporting system). Using PickApp, workshop employees can order the collections, check the order status and track them precisely.

However, the decisive factor for the renewed collaboration was the personal service and advice in addition to the digital processes. Dario Warlich, Head of Central Function for Sustainability Management at OTLG, says: "The personal support on-site and a field service team trained in waste legislation give us the certainty of being able to meet the increasing environmental requirements in the best possible way in the future." This shows that the issue of sustainability and the recovery of resources, as defined by the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act is practiced within the Group, making OTLG a role model.

Andreas Kröniger, Executive Vice President for Circular and Compliance Solutions Europe, is certain: "Digitalization is the engine for the circular economy and sustainability - and we are going full power." Kröniger adds, "Crucial to success, however, is the interplay between digitization on the one hand and the technical expertise with which our employees advise and accompany our customers on the other."

RLG has been organizing central workshop disposal in Germany and Europe for automobile manufacturers, importers, and workshop associations since 1991. The resulting recyclable, waste, and hazardous material fractions are disposed of and recycled via the network of experienced system partners in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

About Volkswagen Original Teile Logistik GmbH & Co. KG - OTLG

Volkswagen Original Teile Logistik GmbH & Co. KG, based in Baunatal, is a company in the Volkswagen Group and supplies 3,000 service partners of the Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, SEAT, and Škoda brands in Germany and Denmark with genuine manufacturer parts, accessories, and services. OTLG is thus the logistical after-sales backbone of the Volkswagen Group in Germany and, as a full-range supplier, ensures that millions of customers remain mobile with their vehicles. OTLG employs more than 2,900 people at seven locations in Norderstedt, Cologne, Ludwigsburg, Munich, Dieburg, Ludwigsfelde, and Baunatal.


Dominik Richrath, Head of Sales

Tel: +49 89 490 49 369

Mail: dominik.richrath@rev-log.com


Georg Empl, Marketing Manager

Tel: +49 89 490 49 152

Mail: georg.empl@rev-log.com

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