REBAT Again Increases Collection Volume by Over 50%

REBAT Again Increases Collection Volume by Over 50%

  • Germany’s largest collection scheme for household batteries continues to grow
  • Collection rate of 57.0% well exceeds the new statutory quota of 50%
  • REBAT passes on collection volumes to several market competitors

In a turbulent year for the waste portable batteries market, REBAT has again exceeded the impressive success figures of previous years.

The REBAT system collected and recycled over 15,400 tons of waste batteries in 2021. This represents an increase of more than 5,300 tons or 50% compared to 2020. At the same time, the volume placed on the market also increased by 13%.

The system now organizes take-back at almost 60,000 active collection points in Germany. These include voluntary collection points such as businesses, offices, and authorities, as well as collection points mandated by law such as public waste management authorities. However, the majority of collection points and thus also the collected quantities are in the retail sector.

By adding numerous new collection points, REBAT was once more able to increase its collection volume far beyond the legally required level, thus making a decisive contribution to ensuring responsible collection and recycling of portable batteries in Germany.

The collection and recycling of batteries are financed by over 1,300 manufacturers or distributors of portable batteries. In this way, they fulfill their essential obligations under the so-called extended producer responsibility. Manufacturers and distributors sold about 30,500 tons of batteries in 2021.

According to the German Battery Act, at least 50% of these batteries must be taken back and recycled since 2021. REBAT exceeded this quota with 57.0% of waste portable batteries collected and recycled last year.

Although a financial burden-sharing demanded by several parties did not find its way into the new battery law, REBAT was able to realize a fair balancing bilaterally together with several market competitors. Following §15(2) 1 BattG, this allowed REBAT to pass on the part of the quantity collected beyond the legal minimum. Still, REBAT has achieved a collection rate of 51.7% despite this voluntary transfer.


REBAT, therefore, considers itself well prepared for 2022.

Here are the summarized figures for REBAT in 2021:

Connected manufacturers: > 1,300

Connected collection points: 58,615

Quantities placed on the market: 30,566 t

Collected waste portable batteries: 15,464 t

Collection rate according to BattG: 51.7%.

Find here the full report and more information about REBAT.

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Robert Sommer

Head of Compliance Systems


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