What is a Deposit Return System?

An effective deposit return system (DRS) requires transparent and systematic management of material and financial flows. RLG designs and operates services and solutions to meet the highest safety requirements and efficiency goals. As a partner to governments, retail and manufacturing companies, RLG offers comprehensive systems solutions, including collection, returns, counting, clearing, and reporting services for single-use containers subject to a deposit. 

Why focus on Deposit Returns?

  • The items included in most schemes are responsible for significant ocean pollution
  • Businesses need to implement more circular processes to meet sustainability goals
  • Plastic, glass, and aluminum containers are easy to recycle and maintain their quality
  • Significant global pressure from lawmakers to increase recycling and minimize litter

Who are the stakeholders?

What are the benefits?

Promotes recycling
Decreases the amount of litter and waste
Unlocks valuable information for businesses
Enables the collection of quality recyclable material
A person is recycling a bottle at an 'EcoVend' reverse vending machine, which emphasizes recycling cans, plastic, and glass bottles.

What is our solution?

This is EcoVend, Reconomy’s sophisticated range of reverse vending machines, or RVMs.

Designed to facilitate collections and deposit returns by empowering the public to effortlessly deposit empty, single-use beverage containers and receive rewards in return, these machines change the world by helping businesses recycle easier and faster than ever before.

What is our approach?

We’re here to help throughout the entire DRS process from set-up to managing your operation. Our services include:

Are you interested in our DRS solutions?

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