Vietnam Recycles, organized by RLG, is an electronic waste take-back and recycling program in Vietnam. As a collaborative effort involving electronic manufacturers and partners, this program aligns with the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 16/2015 and demonstrates a substantial commitment to the environment and local communities.

The primary goal of Vietnam Recycles is to establish an efficient and eco-friendly system for collecting and recycling electronic devices, ensuring their safe disposal. By adhering to responsible recycling practices, the program sets a new standard in the industry and promotes a cleaner, healthier environment. One notable aspect of Vietnam Recycles is that it offers free services, making them convenient and accessible for all.

Beyond the practical aspects of waste management, Vietnam Recycles also aims to raise public awareness and foster a sense of responsibility towards e‑waste. The program actively engages with the community through various educational and awareness campaigns to promote responsible handling and recycling practices. These initiatives include events, collection days, and informative sessions held in schools, among other activities.

By organizing collection drives and encouraging individuals to participate in recycling initiatives, Vietnam Recycles empowers citizens to participate in environmental preservation actively. Through these efforts, the campaign instills a sense of ecological consciousness, emphasizing the importance of reducing waste and protecting natural resources.


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