Battery collection scheme CCR REBAT increases collection volume by 52 percent

April 29, 2021

The battery year 2020, like many others, was marked by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, which unfortunately still keeps us on our toes.

We are all the more proud of an excellent year under very difficult conditions. The REBAT battery collection scheme grew again in 2020 and could contribute to and ensure responsible collection and recycling of portable batteries in Germany.

Moreover, with this legally required performance review, we can document that we significantly exceeded the collection rate of 45 percent prescribed by law last year. With a collection rate of 49.2 percent, we were almost able to reach the 50 percent rate that will apply from January 1, 2021, a year earlier.

We increased our collection volume by more than 50 percent compared to 2019, with a total of 10,129 tons of portable batteries collected in 2020.

As a collective take-back system, the success of our system is further measured by the number of manufacturers who decide to fulfill their collection obligation for batteries through our system, as well as the number of affiliated collection points. With more than 1,100 connected producers of portable batteries and over 50,000 collection points, CCR REBAT is one of the leading take-back systems for used portable batteries in Germany and Europe. We are pleased that our network will expand again in 2021, as we are further onboarding manufacturers and collection points.

Especially in these difficult times, we would like to thank our customers and partners and all large and small battery, collectors. Only together we could achieve this fantastic result!

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