The Electro3000 Project in Poland is an educational platform that promotes sustainability by teaching proper waste management practices. RLG Poland organizes the project, and the partners and participants are selected depending on the project. The project’s primary goal is to create a comprehensive information platform for all age groups, but mainly for schools, kindergartens, etc. The platform provides information about properly segregating and handling waste, such as used electronics, batteries, accumulators, etc.

On the project website, people will find a range of educational materials such as coloring books, unique Christmas animations, educational movies, comic books, quizzes, and games. For instance, Marti’s Tales is a series of audio tales for children that teach the importance of proper waste recycling.

The Electro3000 project provides a great example of how education can be used to promote sustainability. The project aims to inspire individuals and communities to take responsibility for their waste management practices by providing comprehensive information and a range of educational materials. Through collaborations with schools, kindergartens, eco-influencers, and other partners, the project is positively impacting the environment and raising awareness about sustainability issues in Poland.

Please find more information on the Electro3000 website and social media platforms where you can learn more about the project and its various initiatives.


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