Deposit Returns

Helping you implement or operate a successful deposit return system.


Deposit Returns

To improve the quantity and quality of recycling, many countries are introducing a Deposit Return System (DRS). This means consumers pay a slightly increased cost, which works like a deposit, when buying certain products. Once the packaging is empty, they return the item to a designated point for recycling in exchange for their money back or vouchers.

The need for Deposit Returns support

  • The items included in most schemes are responsible for significant ocean pollution
  • Businesses need to implement more circular processes to meet sustainability goals
  • Plastic, glass and alumium containers are easy to recycle and maintain their quality
  • Significant global pressure from lawmakers to increase recycling and minimize litter

The stakeholders

  • Producers of products in glass, plastic and aluminum
  • Retailers involved in the collection and take back of products
  • Government authorities and organizations tasked with rolling out the scheme

The advantages​

Promotes recycling
Decreases the amount of litter and waste
Unlocks valuable information for businesses

What we do

We’re here to help throughout the entire DRS process from set-up to managing your operation. Our services include:

  • Consulting and DRS system design: Providing guidance during the initial phase of your Deposit Return Scheme.
  • IT infrastructure: Developing and managing IT platforms which includes building a connected portal and gathering data.
  • Collection and Logistics: Providing necessary hardware such as reverse vending machines (RVMs), hand-held scanners, mobile apps and e-bins. Handling collection, transportation, consolidation and recycling.
  • Operation: Ensuring smooth operation through streamlined processes and technical support.
  • Financial clearing: Protecting against fraud and maintain the security of your DRS.
  • Insights: Creating fully customized and detailed reports, providing key insights to guide decision-making.


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