Data Management

Fulfilling data requirements and future-proofing your business with valuable insight and reporting.


Data Management overview

We’re passionate about how the effective use of data can support informed business decisions. Our services ensure your compliance, especially with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), so you can stay focused on your core operations. By leveraging high-quality product data management and innovative tools, we simplify and streamline compliance reporting processes as well as generate data insight to help you make confident and impactful changes.

The need for Data Management support

  • Data is a crucial element of compliance
  • Data management can be a complex and costly challenge
  • Erroneous or inadequate data can prevent compliance

The stakeholders

  • Producers and retailers that have to complete submissions
  • Suppliers providing the data
  • Data professionals and departments

The advantages​

Streamline data management and reporting​
Maximize current and potential opportunities
Improve cost visibility to make changes
Learn how to create more sustainable packaging

What we do

We understand that different businesses require varying levels of support, so we offer flexible, tailored services. Whether you choose to outsource the entire process to us or just need help collecting specific information, our options include:

  • Consulting: Reviewing the way you currently collect data, conducting assessments, organizing country set-up and supporting you with one-off submissions or regulatory monitoring.
  • Data management: Collecting, formatting and analyzing product data.
  • Registration: Registering you with local and international schemes.
  • Reporting: Offering scheduled and ad-hoc reporting.
  • Audits: Submitting, calculating and representing data for mandatory audits.
  • Financial services: Paying compliance fees or invoices.
  • Training: Organizing and running specialist training days.

Customer journey

1. Assessment
We conduct analysis and give you comprehensive information about your obligations.

2. Country set-up
We help you register with compliance systems and the right authorities.

3. IT set-up
We prepare, implement, test and validate any of the IT requirements.

4. Fulfilment
We help with continuous management of EPR obligations by documentation, reporting, auditing and monitoring.


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