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Collection opportunities include collection events and manufacturer mail-back programs.
Collection Events
Please visit www.rev-log.com/DCecycling to check for any updates closer to each event date.
Below is a list of 2023 collection events where District of Columbia consumers (residents, small businesses, and small non-profits) can drop off covered electronic equipment for recycling free of charge. All events will be held rain or shine.

Event cancellation due to hazardous weather conditions will be decided 24 hours prior to any event. Please check our website or social media channels for announcements regarding event cancellations prior to attending. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
DateTimeEvent LocationWard
1/28/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on corner of Georgia Ave NW & Howard Pl NW (near Banneker Community Center)1
2/4/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on 23rd St NW between Bancroft Pl NW & S St NW (near Mitchell Park)2
2/11/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on Corner of 39th St NW & Newark St NW (near Newark Park)3
2/18/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on corner of Van Buren St NW & 4th St NW (near Takoma Community Center)4
2/25/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Ave & Elmira St SW (near Fort Greble Park)8
3/4/20239AM-1PMCollection vehicle at the corner of I St NW & 4th St NW (near Mount Vernon Triangle Farmer's Market)6
3/11/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on 41st St SE between Alabama Ave SE & Fort Dupont St SE (near Fort Davis Recreation Center)7
3/18/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on Rand Pl NE, east of 24th St NE (near Arboretum Community Center)5
4/1/20239AM-1PMCollection vehicle on Park Rd NW east of 14th St NW (adjacent to Columbia Heights Farmers Market)1
4/15/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on corner of Sumner Rd SE & Wade Rd SE (near Barry Farm Recreation Center)8
4/23/20239AM-1PMCollection vehicle at Palisades Farmer's Market on corner of MacArthur Blv NW and 48th Pl NW3
4/29/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on 33rd St NW between Quesada St NW & Patterson St NW (near Lafayette-Pointer Recreation Center)4
5/13/20239AM-1PMCollection vehicle at 700 Monroe St NE in Bennett Career Institute parking lot (west of Brookland Monroe St. Farmer's Market)5
6/1/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle at By the White House Farmer's Market on corner of H St NW & Vermont Ave NW2
6/10/20239AM-1PMCollection vehicle at Cesar Chavez Market on Parkside Pl NE south of Cassell Pl NE7
6/17/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on 10th St NE between F St NE & G St NE (near Sherwood Recreation Center)6
7/8/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on Columbia Rd NW between Champlain St NW and Ontario Rd NW (near Unity Park)1
7/14/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on Anacostia Ave NE between Dix St NE & Benning Rd NE (near Anacostia Baseball Fields)7
7/22/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle at 1333 Emerson St NE as part of the eCYCLE/Roll-Off Day5
7/29/20239AM-1PMCollection vehicle south of Petworth Market on Taylor St NW east of 9th St NW4
8/5/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on corner of 34th St NW & Volta Pl NW (near Volta Park Recreation Center)2
8/18/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on corner of N St SW & First St SW (near King Greenleaf Recreation Center)6
9/9/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on Connecticut Ave NW between Northampton St NW & McKinley St NW (near Chevy Chase Community Center)3
9/16/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on Frederick Douglass Court SE, north of Bruce Pl SE (near Douglass Community Center)8
10/7/20239AM-1PMCollection vehicle adjacent to Mount Pleasant Farmer's Market on Lamont St between 17th St NW & Mount Pleasant St NW1
10/14/20239AM-1PMCollection vehicle at Uptown Farmer's Market on north end of Colorado Ave NW4
10/21/20239AM-1PMCollection vehicle adjacent to Kenilworth Rec Center Farmer's Market on Ord St NE7
10/28/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on Calvert St NW between 40th Pl NW & 39th Pl NW (south of Stoddert Recreation Center)3
11/4/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on Pennsylvania Ave NW between 19th & 20th St NW (east of James Monroe Park)2
11/11/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on Erie St SE, between 17th Pl SE and 18th Pl SE (near Fort Stanton Recreation Center)8
11/18/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle on corner of D St SE & 3rd St SE (southeast of Folger Park)6
12/2/202310AM-2PMCollection vehicle at Catholic University of America in O'Boyle Hall parking lot at Harewood Rd NE & Fort Slemmer Dr5
Mail-back Programs
Manufacturer mail-back programs accept any brand of a particular type of covered electronic equipment that a DC consumer has purchased from the manufacturer in the District. To utilize a manufacturer mail-back program and for further instructions, select from one of the links below if you have purchased covered electronic equipment from the respective company:
Acer Mail-back
Apple Mail-back
Canon Mail-back
Dell Mail-back
Google Mail-back
HP Mail-back
Intel Mail-back
Lenovo Mail-back
Microsoft Mail-back
Samsung Mail-back
VTech Mail-back
For additional mail-back programs view the District of Columbia Department of Environment and Energy website.
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