Odn@wiamy is a sustainability project that aims to promote a circular economy and reduce electronic waste by collecting, repairing, and donating computer equipment to community centers or families in need. The project is a collaboration between Zaraz Wracam Foundation, RLG Poland, and Elektrorecykling S.A., and focuses on giving unused computer equipment a second life.

The project has a strong educational aspect, encouraging companies and individuals to rethink their consumption habits and reduce their environmental impact. As part of the campaign, participants receive communication packages for Earth Day, Environment Day, and European Sustainable Development Week and ready-made communication materials to support employee collection activities.

Moreover, companies participating in the project can proudly display the title “Participant of the Odn@wiamy 2022” and a banner on social media. RLG and the Zaraz Wracam Foundation also mark the company as a participant in the campaign in their social media posts, increasing visibility and recognition for their sustainability efforts.


Information platform: https://odnawiamy.org/

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