Streamlining global EPR compliance worldwide

We help producers, importers, and retailers fulfill their EPR obligations with take-back systems and PROs designed to meet relevant country-specific requirements for our clients in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. These include collecting and recycling relevant materials, organizing the data processes required for full transparency and compliance, and constantly monitoring the system’s legal status. ​

What is our approach?

Main waste streams

Every year, millions of tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) items are discarded by households and businesses. Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) is regulated to limit the amount of waste created. It could be affected if your business manufactures, re-brands, imports, or sells EEE to household consumers.

Across the globe there are different battery acts in place, all designed to ensure efficient and secure recycling. Both producers and distributors need to meet these obligations to avoid fines.

All around the world, businesses must comply with different packaging legislation such as EPR, the European Packaging Directive, Product Stewardship (e.g. Canada), UK Packaging Waste Regulations and more. As well as at the international level, national legislations exist which add another level of complexity for businesses.

Our take-back and PRO coverage

*USA: PROs in 7 states **Peru: additional PRO for tires ***Canada: Common Collection System Operator

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