No more uncertainty with environmental legislation

Intelligent tools for Environmental Compliance Management: We ensure your full compliance with global Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations such as WEEE, battery, packaging, as well as plastic tax obligations, and beyond!

Our approach

Cutting-edge IT solution for global compliance

Environmental reporting requirements differ between countries and even within different systems. Our data management approach streamlines this complexity by only needing essential product details and transaction data, efficiently processed in our strong and scalable IT system. Even missing information can be added automatically using the RLG Autofill solution, reducing the data complexity even further. Our industry-leading system automatically categorizes products and components globally, refined over years of customer collaboration.

RLG Autofill

Missing information can be added automatically reducing the data complexity.

Automatic categorization

Our IT solution effortlessly classifies millions of products and components according to local EPR reporting categories.

Powerful and flexible

With our solution, we can process huge data volumes and cope with fast-changing product portfolios.

Get a glimpse of the detailed regulatory knowledge that we are providing to our customers regularly by accessing our most recent Regulatory Update for Q2 2023 for free!

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