RLG India Launches “E‑Waste Ka Chakra” campaign on International E‑Waste Day

RLG India Launches “E‑Waste Ka Chakra” campaign on International E‑Waste Day


Electronic Waste (also known as E‑waste) is one of the fastest-growing waste streams on our planet. The alarming numbers forecast for this year by the United Nations underlines the severity of the issue. The produced e‑waste is expected to touch an astonishing 57.4 million tons, out of which only 17.4% would be appropriately collected and recycled, highlighting the need for a joint effort to tackle this challenge. As a result, the International E‑Waste Day was initiated. The day is dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging consumers towards WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling by highlighting its importance and benefits, thereby increasing WEEE recycling rates.

RLG India has launched “E‑waste Ka Chakra – The circle of E‑Waste” on the 4th anniversary of International E‑waste Day. Taking place on the 13th and 14th of October, the campaign aims to empower key players in the electronics industry and spread awareness regarding the issue of E‑waste and the benefits of its efficient management.


“E‑Waste Ka Chakra” is a mix of webinars and on-site activities that target all the relevant stakeholders to create an impact on e‑waste management from all directions.


The first half of the campaign addresses the youth to empower them through a training webinar on e‑waste and its efficient management. Besides a webinar, the campaign also includes an ideation competition to battle the problem of e‑waste management and to utilize its potential. After the training session, participants will be given an e‑waste management-related real-world business problem asked to present an innovative idea that solves the proposed case.


RLG India takes great pride in its innovative “Clean to Green” campaign, which aims to create awareness and sensitize consumers on responsible disposal of electronics and safe practices for recycling by partnering with trustworthy organizations. The E‑waste ka chakra campaign further builds upon this legacy through the combination of ideation and strategy by taking the “Clean to Green” initiative on wheels. This day would mark the launch of a new collection vehicle in the state of Rajasthan in collaboration with the Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board and conducting a webinar with people from the electronics industry on “Maximizing Collection from Kabadiwalas for end-to-end recycling through incentivization techniques.”  

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