Risk Management RLG India

Risk Management RLG India

Risk Management strategies at RLG India aim to insulate business deliverables from both internal and external risks that thwart the business as usual. We can expect to witness stable growth for our company by considering methods and strategies to combat teething issues pertaining to the destruction of ecosystems, climate change, resource depletion, geopolitical risks, and other myriad business risks.​

Being a 4PL asset-light organization, we endorse the act of disclosure of information related to risks transparently in the public platform, as we strongly believe that this would instill confidence amongst our stakeholders, vendors, and customers. ​

As a responsible and compliance-oriented PRO, we, at RLG India, have made Standard Operating Procedures for every vertical of RLG’s working. This guarantees quality benchmarking as well as assists every employee in working efficiently and uniformly. We endeavor to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through our robust quality management system.​

Our policy on responsible operations and sourcing enables us to effectively identify and mitigate risks in economic, social, regulatory, and environmental aspects to ensure business continuity with foolproof compliance of regulatory guidelines. We closely associate with our suppliers and vendors, impart significant education from time to time, and as an outcome, deliver solutions in line with our customers’ expectations.​

Our solutions are backed by thoughtful leadership, systematic planning to address risks pertaining to both quality management system and environmental management system, change implementation, measurement of performance, identification of nonconformities if any, through periodic and systemic control measures, and take proactive and preventive measures to manage risks efficaciously.​

At RLG India, we have set up a systematic risk responding system for each working division. We report identified risk factors to top management and mitigate the risk factors in an efficient, effective manner.​

The Risk Committee brings together the heads of various departments, including Legal, Human Resources, Communications, Customer Service & Support, Business Development, Compliance, Operations, & CSR, allowing them to collectively discuss and manage risks, including sustainability risks, in a holistic way across departments and functions.​

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