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What is Environmental Compliance and what are the challenges?

Today, every country has its own uniquely complex environmental legislation and the global requirements of EPR are increasing. This makes compliance challenging and often costly. At RLG, we leverage our global market knowledge, extensive reach and specialist services to simplify compliance and scalable PRO operations. Whether you require comprehensive end-to-end support or assistance with individual elements, we’re ready to help.

Why focus on Environmental Compliance?

  • With EPR, complying with legislation is becoming more complex
  • Non-compliance can result in financial losses, fines, bans and reputation damage
  • Businesses require global and local insights to meet all their requirements
  • Small businesses need assistance in understanding their compliance obligations

Who are the stakeholders?

What are the benefits?

What is our approach?

We can tailor our approach depending on your business needs or the specific legislation in place. This includes supporting you with parts of an application or throughout the whole process as well as completing and submitting documentation. Wherever we run a PRO or Compliance System, we can assist you with:

Additionally, across different territories, we offer services such as WEEE insurance, brokerage, take-back and recycling solutions and delivering external waste officers.

How we can help you:

Ready to implement Environmental Compliance solutions?

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