RLG Vietnam by Reconomy

We are a pro-environment company providing comprehensive take-back solutions and management services​​.



Environmental Compliance

Giving you the support and tools in operating PROs to comply with environmental legislation.

Data Management

Fulfilling data requirements and future-proofing your business with valuable insight and reporting.

Deposit Returns

Helping you implement or operate a successful deposit return system.

Consultancy & Advice

Working together to enhance your business with bespoke consultancy.

Circular Take-Back

Collecting, handling and driving solutions to put materials into the recycling loop.

Global scope, local reach.

We are present in countries all over this world and manage operations in many more – ready to provide true international services.

Vietnam Recycles​

​Currently, RLG Vietnam is the general contractor for the management and operation of Vietnam Recycles, an alliance for all electronic producers founded by HP & Apple. This is a free take-back program for used or defective electronic equipment to ensure their safe and environmentally sound recycling.​

Latest news

September 15, 2021
Circular Materials Ontario selects Reverse Logistics Group as the service provider for their new packaging producer responsibility organization (PRO)

Circular Materials Ontario has selected Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) as the primary service provider in creating the new PRO. As a not-for-profit producer responsibility organization registered with the province’s regulator, Circular Materials intends to provide producers with a full-service offering in Ontario that meets all requirements under the province’s Blue Box Regulation.     The Collaboration:    Circular […]

July 22, 2021
Maine Passes Packaging EPR Legislation

Maine Governor Janet Mills signed LD 1541 on Jul 13, 2021 into law, making Maine the first state in the U.S. to pass an extended producer responsibility (EPR) law for packaging.  The law requires producers (most brand holders with a residence in the U.S. or first importers for brand holders with no physical presence in the U.S.) that sell products in or into […]

December 1, 2020
RLG Americas is a Registered PRO in Ontario!

A new WEEE/EEE law will go into effect in Ontario on January 1st, 2021, making producers (brand holders, importers, and markets) responsible for meeting collection and recycling goals or possibly face a financial penalty. A main tenant of the new law is to give affected producers a choice of who to work with to meet […]

May 16, 2019
Cycleon completes its North American footprint - Jabra expands partnership in both United States and Canada

GN Audio A/S, part of the GN Group that was founded 150 years ago, produces Consumer and Enterprise headsets under the brand name Jabra. This month, Jabra expanded its return services to incorporate both Canada and United States in addition to the European and Australian returns activities already covered by Cycleon. Cycleon has helped to […]

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