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Recycling Management » Industrial and Automotive Batteries

Industrial and Automotive Batteries

Recycling Management » Industrial and Automotive Batteries
RLG provides its partners with tailored solutions to environmental and safety compliance. Proper storage and transport of end-of-life industrial and automotive batteries represent a valuable opportunity to reduce your company’s environmental impact, ensure compliance, improve on-site safety, and reap the cost savings of a closed-loop solution. 

Lead-acid and lithium-ion industrial and automotive batteries are potentially hazardous with improper storage, transport, or recycling systems. The safety risk applies not only to on-site personnel but to the environment as well. EOL, damaged, or critical battery units can increase your disposal, insurance, and maintenance costs as a result. ​

At RLG, we establish networks with certified, audited partners experienced in properly transporting, storing, and disposing of EOL industrial and automotive batteries. We manage the end-to-end return process by partnering with many specialized stakeholders in the reverse logistics chain as they retrieve, transport, and recycle your batteries. ​

Our data-driven flow management solutions promote transparency in your business’s environmental compliance procedures. These closed-loop solutions provide access to recycled materials while they improve your on-site safety. 

​Our process secures valuable materials to make them reusable for new products, reducing costs by minimizing your need for raw resources. We utilize digital reverse products to provide data-driven insights into your storage and handling process to help your business achieve an efficient end-to-end solution for recycling, environmental safety, and flow management. ​

By managing the returns process and tailoring the solution to your business’s needs, our goal at RLG is to help you realize cost savings through environmental compliance achieved through a proper returns process. ​
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