Automotive Workshop​​

RLG is a trusted partner in compliant waste management. We use end-to-end solutions to provide safe and efficient handling of end-of-life materials before they threaten the safety and environmental compliance of your business. To do so, we provide our clients with access to efficient workshop disposal and safe waste management processes. ​

Many car dealerships and workshops attempt to internally manage the administrative duties of waste management and environmental compliance. Without a solution to end-to-end management, however, these businesses increase administrative expenses while putting pressure on their affiliated repair shops. ​

At RLG, we reverse this process. We lower expenses by partnering with a managed network of certified and audited partners in efficient material management systems. Our end-to-end disposal solution includes all the stakeholders in the reverse logistics chain. We provide safe containers that not only keep your business environmentally compliant but also increase material retention and reduce costs. ​

We collect and recycle ALL material fractions, including recoverable paper, cardboard, paper packaging, plastics, and scrap metal. We also dispose of hazardous and critical materials like lead-acid and Li-ion batteries, used oil, brake fluid, and other industrial products. An efficient transport, storage, and disposal process reduces your workshop’s administrative expenses, promotes on-site safety, and takes the pressure off your affiliates. ​

Our transparent waste management process prioritizes data-driven solutions in our customer-friendly IT platform. We fulfil the extended producer responsibility (EPR) of packaging materials and batteries in accordance with local regulations. Reducing your costs and increasing your efficiency are our primary goals at RLG, so we optimize licensing costs whenever possible while providing efficient end-to-end management for all your industrial resource disposal needs. ​
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