Social Awareness

We at RLG support the Clean to Green™ movement – a campaign (under the aegis of Digital India and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology – MeitY) for unused, defunct, junk or defective electrical & electronic products (e-waste) to ensure their safe and environmentally sound recycling for enabling Extended Producer Responsibility of EEE manufacturers, educate consumers on the benefits of professional recycling and while doing so, complies with the E-waste Management Rules (2016). It has created a substantial footprint amongst multiple stakeholders viz. schools, colleges, RWAs, dealers/retailers, and the informal sector since early 2018.​

Clean to Green™ has conducted 2,510 innovative and customized on-ground activations across 26 states and 7 UT’s while reaching out to 27,39,971 individuals for spreading awareness about safe E-waste disposal and value attached to formalizing material collection.​

In 2020, Covid-19 did not shift our focus from spreading awareness on E-waste Management. We extensively used online platforms to connect, reach out and spread awareness; our teams conducted workshops and seminars online through webinars to spread impactful societal awareness. Our main endeavor is to spread mass awareness and sensitize consumers how and where to dispose electronic waste. Every year the coverages of stakeholders are unique, robust and impactful. In the past three years, we have reached out to 2.2 million+ people spanned across 1770 schools, 129 colleges, 257 RWAs, 90 retailer/dealer points, 187 offices, 86 informal sectors, 5,208 collection drives until 31st March 2021.​


Clean to GreenTM integrates various platforms to create mass outreach to all stakeholders. Apart from innovative on-ground activations, we also have dedicated Clean to GreenTM Facebook, Instagram & Twitter handles which use community engagement initiatives, Industry news, topical posts and campaigns as the majority content buckets to engage with the audiences.​

Radio & Classified Ads.

We also regularly run Radio ads & jingles apart from press releases for every collection program launch along with classified ads. It is indeed an accomplishment to reach out to more than 3.4 million people with a PR Value of 44 Million+ and increasing.​

Media Interactions

The awareness coverages on-ground are covered holistically in English along with regional languages through press releases and/or web releases.​

The E Safai Campaign

RLG launched E-Safai project in India on November 10, 2020. This campaign is a part of a three-year long development public private partnership with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The main objectives of this program are to create and spread awareness of transformative and new-age e-waste management techniques, as well as provide aid in strengthening the facilities and infrastructure of both formal and informal sector e-waste management service providers in order to enhance the e-waste value chain system. Some of the other deliverables under this project include setting up of infrastructure for two recycling plants, 90 e-waste bins, as well as four collection centers (two each in Delhi and Hyderabad). E-Safai is expected to reach out to almost half a million people who are our target audience, through a series of online and on-ground campaigns.​

Collection Program

Our collection program is currently running in 9 cities with an aim to obtain irreparable and unused electrical and electronic products for environmentally friendly recycling. This an initiative under our awareness campaign, Clean to GreenTM. RLG’s fleet on- street voyages across the cities, covering marketplaces, RWAs, informal sectors and other stakeholders to sensitize them about the hazards of informal e-waste disposal as well as collect material ensuring all compliance checks. This not only formalizes the material collection process but also educates stakeholders about practicing safe procedures in the future.​

Toll Free Helpline

Further to assist seamless takeback of E-waste and facilitate donations by end users of WEEE products, we have an active toll-free helpline – 1800 203 1460 functional from 10 AM – 6 PM, Monday till Saturday. On receipt of pickup requests, we channelize our logistics team to coordinate and complete the reverse pickups with the most efficient turnaround time for further storage at a nearby collection centre or directly channelize to partnered recycler/dismantlers.​

Clean to Green™ on Wheels

In FY 2021-22, RLG India in association with Clean to Green™ Society has launched “Clean to Green™ on Wheels” – an awareness campaign with a difference!​
Through this year long program, we aim to conduct 500+ activities by moving 9 collection vehicles across 100,000+ KMs in 110 cities and 300 towns across India. We shall reach out to a diverse set of audience, and establish ties with schools/colleges, bulk consumers, RWAs, retailers/dealers, informal sectors across 28 States & 4 UTs, thus spreading societal awareness and collecting E-Waste organically. There shall also be substantial on-ground coverage, PR mileage, radio & social media awareness.​
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