E-Waste Management - Collection Center Coverage

As of 30th June 2022, RLG India has 34 Collection Centers (09 in Northern India, 03 in Western India, 06 in Southern India and 09 in Eastern India).. We are aligned to have 40+ centers during FY 2021-2022.


    Infrastructure in place:
  • Dedicated Manpower with monthly training
  • Defined organization structure for better control
  • Regular collection drives basis monthly assigned targets
  • GPS enabled tracking of material movements
  • Incentivization of resources to foster seamless E-Waste collections organically
  • Correct Stacking of E-Waste to avoid leakage.


    Key Monitoring techniques:
  • Daily log checks and material inflow tally across all collection centers
  • Random Sampling audits for better control and risk mitigation
  • Monthly videography at the collection center for better upkeep
  • Regular compliance audits, desktop checks
  • Yearly third-party assurance audits for neutral monitoring and feedback
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