Make your mark. 
Return to Value with us!
We have a young team from diverse backgrounds and industries across departments and locations. Our efforts focus on maintaining high level of enthusiasm and building on the team bonding to create an environment of collaboration and high performance, where people feel motivated to come back to their jobs every morning.​

What we offer.​

Our employees are rewarded and acknowledged for their hard work and bringing zest to the table. We have:
  1. Company Value Awards: To acknowledge and appreciate the demonstrated behavior of members towards the Company values​
    • Responsible (Employee) of the month​
    • Collaborator (Employee) of the month​
    • Relentless (Employee) of the month​
  2. Monthly Meetups to understand challenges and overcoming them as a team.​
  3. Frequent departmental meet-ups with the Managing Director.​
  4. Intra-Zonal Championships & Contests to promote teamwork and enhance individual productivity.​

Open Positions

Noida, India
Posted 4 months ago
Noida, India
Posted 5 months ago
Noida, India
Posted 9 months ago
Noida, India
Posted 10 months ago
Chennai, India, Mumbai, India, Noida, India
Posted 10 months ago
Dornach, Munich, Noida, India
Posted 10 months ago
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