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Environmental Compliance Management

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Ensuring compliance with Extended Producer Responsibility obligations worldwide.​

ECM in a nutshell.​

RLG’s Environmental Compliance Management (ECM) solution supports producers in ensuring environmental compliance, particularly for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations, thereby reducing complexity and compliance risks, and allowing producers to focus on their core business. ​

What EPR is about.​

The concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has been introduced in legislation in the European Union (EU) and other countries since the mid-1990s. It stipulates that producers of certain products, components, or packaging are responsible for taking back and recycling sound disposal. Main waste streams are the waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), batteries, and packaging, but countries have enacted EPR legislation for textiles, tires, or oils. ​

Producers and importers of obligated products face a complex regulatory environment and a considerable choice of compliance schemes to fulfill their EPR obligations in all markets. Take the example of selling a mobile phone in all EU member states. The producer has to review WEEE, battery, and packaging regulations in 27 countries, potentially requiring him to register with up to 81 different compliance schemes and regularly submitting put-to-market reports to these schemes.​

In recent years authorities have been getting more and more strict on enforcing responsibilities on obligated companies. In addition, reporting requirements have become increasingly complex, especially in the field of packaging. Failing to meet EPR requirements can result in high fines, sales bans and severely affect the brand image.​
One product, obligations in many countries​

What we do.​

If you are serving multiple international markets, environmental compliance management can become a tedious challenge, ranging from selecting and managing various service providers to reporting activities in different languages, formats, and dates. With our ECM service, you receive guaranteed EPR compliance WEEE, batteries, packaging, and beyond. ​

Our standard service portfolio comprises EPR assessments that analyze your obligation per country. We further support you in registrations with compliance schemes and taking over product and transactional data processing to create and submit EPR reports to the different compliance schemes. We, of course, also inform and guide you on any legislative changes and their relevance for your business. With us as your environmental compliance manager, you have a single point of contact for all your EPR related matters.​

A differentiator from many competitors is our independence regarding the selection of and cooperation with compliance schemes. We work with all compliance schemes, and any recommendation from our side is based on the best combination of price and quality.​
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