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Collection Schemes

For Electronics, Batteries, and Packaging

Home » Environmental Compliance » Collection Schemes
RLG operates compliance schemes and producer responsibility organizations (PROs) for electronics (WEEE or E-waste), batteries, and packaging.
We help producers, importers, and retailers fulfill their EPR obligations with compliance schemes designed to meet relevant country-specific requirements for our clients in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. These include collecting and recycling relevant materials, organizing the data processes required for full transparency and compliance, and constantly monitoring the system’s legal status. ​

RLG establishes efficient take-back schemes by coordinating with accredited partners, providing safe containers, drawing up necessary documentation, and reporting via our IT management system. We organize both the physical process of fulfilling compliance schemes and the data-driven insights that must be submitted to appropriate authorities in a timely manner, which vary by country. ​

Our take-back solutions include the relevant stakeholders (the producers, local authorities, end-users, and collection points) as we process materials. We work with our clients to organize safe transport and disposal processes that meet their legal requirements. ​
RLG’s compliance schemes operate on an international level to support the obligations of changing markets. We constantly monitor legal changes and adjust take-back systems for our various clients accordingly. ​
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