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Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

Home » Deposit Returns » Deposit Return Scheme
DRS is a method to achieve EPR targets. Our Smart Deposit Return Scheme (Smart DRS) is not an alternative but an extension to conventional deposit schemes. 

Drawing on its long-term experience in the market, RLG has developed Smart DRS to take the best from existing deposit systems and combine it with new technologies to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges. 

RLG provides IT and operations solutions supporting the entire DRS value chain including the core DRS components as well as the material management part.​

System approach which is scalable, flexible, convenient, and future-ready ​

DRS as a Service

RLG provides a centralized platform that connects all stakeholders involved in the DRS process

Next Generation DRS

A well-designed DRS needs to meet local market requirements, harness efficiency potentials, and make use of new technologies.​

Our Smart DRS:
  • Leverages on more than 20 years of DRS experience
  • Enables collection beyond retail chains​
  • Utilizes EAN and/or unique data matrix code to reduce fraud and enable data collection​
  • Guarantees material quality suitable for recycling​
  • Supports collection of all solid packaging forms ​
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