RLG is proud to partner with leading battery take-back systems in Germany to support sustainable practices and educate the public on the proper disposal of spent and old rechargeable batteries. By providing information on their information platform, the companies aim to fulfill their obligations under the Battery Act and increase the collection rate of used batteries and old rechargeable batteries for long-term sustainability. Furthermore, the free collection containers and transportation services offered by the companies make it easy for end-users and collection points to participate in the program.

Proper battery recycling and take-back practices are crucial to reducing harm to humans and the environment and promoting the circular economy. Through the information platform and the logo, the companies aim to make it easier for people to identify and access various collection points in the retail sector, municipalities, and voluntary collection points. In addition, the joint logo serves as a clear and recognizable symbol highlighting the importance of taking back batteries, particularly lithium batteries.

The educational aspect of this initiative is significant in promoting sustainable practices and encouraging people to participate in the collection and recycling of batteries. In addition, the information platform provides valuable insights on proper battery disposal and recycling, helping to raise awareness and improve knowledge about the environmental impact of batteries.


Information platform: https://www.batterie-zurueck.de/

Logo: https://www.batterie-zurueck.de/presse/


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