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Circular Take-Back

Collecting, handling and driving solutions to put materials into the recycling loop.


Circular Take-Back

Certain products and materials are time-consuming, costly and complex to recycle. We support businesses to overcome these challenges, safely recycle items and handle waste with our unique take-back services. To close recycling loops, we develop, execute and oversee bespoke solutions using our ‘4PL’ approach which combines operations and IT. This method helps businesses across various industries comply and solve any complex environmental issues.

The need for Circular Take-Back support

  • All businesses are now under pressure to showcase their eco-friendly credentials
  • Recycling the varied range of materials we use is a huge challenge
  • Organizations often aren’t equipped with the skills to meet their goals and safely handle all waste

The stakeholders

  • Business owners and operators
  • Producers and retailers of any product from tires to textiles
  • Waste management specialists
  • Sustainability departments

The advantages​

Unlock novel ways safely handle waste
Hit your sustainability targets and fulfil obligations
Better recycling rates and less waste to landfill
Be one step ahead of legislation

What we do

We get stuck in, handling your business waste and finding inventive solutions to solve any complex recycling challenges.

  • Collection: Handling all aspects of collection from pick-ups to order entry, routing, dispatching, and weighing.
  • Logistics management: Sourcing and overseeing logistics partners and conducting quality, legal or insurance audits as required.
  • Reporting: Providing transparent and comprehensive documentation for volumes, billing and payments.
  • Downstream management: Facilitating exportation and offering support for tolling or specialized requirements.

As our take-back solutions are bespoke, this list is not exhaustive. Other services include extra customer consulting, auditing your suppliers and providing you with specialist containers or organising rental.

Automotive Workshop​​

We are leveraging more than 30 years of industry experience and an innovative IT platform to provide end-to-end management solutions that enable the safe and efficient handling of products and materials.

Industrial and Automotive Batteries​​

RLG is your partner for safe and efficient end-to-end storage, transport & recycling solutions for industrial and automotive batteries, enabling a closed-loop material implementation path.

Individual Take-Back Solutions​

At RLG, we design tailor-made take-back solutions for different materials types and industries such as chemicals, furniture, textiles, and glass. ​


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