Circular Materials Ontario selects Reverse Logistics Group as the service provider for their new packaging producer responsibility organization (PRO)

September 15, 2021

Circular Materials Ontario has selected Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) as the primary service provider in creating the new PRO. As a not-for-profit producer responsibility organization registered with the province’s regulator, Circular Materials intends to provide producers with a full-service offering in Ontario that meets all requirements under the province’s Blue Box Regulation.    

The Collaboration:   

Circular Materials and RLG share a joint vision of building and operating a compliance platform that meets producers’ targets under the Ontario Blue Box Regulation and optimizes the collection and recycling of Blue Box materials across the province. As a service provider to Circular Materials, RLG will provide the registration and supply to market reporting platform and producer customer support. In the next phase, RLG intends to set up and manage an integrated IT system for subcontractor collection, transfer, processing, and recycling order management (track and trace) based on regulatory and customer requirements.  

The Partner:

Circular Materials is a not-for-profit, producer-governed organization created by 15 of Canada’s leading food, beverage, and consumer products manufacturers, retailers, and restaurants. Its mission is to support producers with meeting their obligations under extended producer responsibility regulations in Canada. At the same time, its objective is to move beyond Canada’s traditional producer stewardship compliance approach to a more circular economic system for Blue Box products and packaging.  

The Impact:     

The compliance platform developed by Circular Materials and RLG will act as a model for the circular economy in Canada by providing traceability and accountability of materials from the point of collection to the point at which materials are made available for incorporation in manufacturing as recycled content. 

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